“Today’s endeavors will be tomorrow’s results”.

Massage a MESO CELLULAR active ingredient of your choice into the area of skin to be treated once a week using the small roll-on applicator. In less than 30 minutes your skin will be glowing with noticeable freshness, firmer and more dynamic. Feed-back from our mesoliner customers fill even us with enthusiasm again and again: “Looking 5 to 7 years younger is by no means a matter of course. I take great pleasure in my little beauty secret!” Sandra (39) from Obernburg am Main

The perfect “Mesoliner beauty program”

The most popular application recommendation

1. Check for any potential contraindications

2. Cleanse the skin

3. Top up moisture depots, cell regeneration, cell protection

Massage in the active ingredient using the roll-on applicator
Active ingredients can infiltrate in a higher dosage and a high molecular concentration during the approx. 30-minute application.
The active ingredient should be rubbed into various spots for 3 to 5 minutes per skin area. Applying the active ingredient over a broad area, e.g. the whole face, is not recommended. Rubbing it in slowly in various spots can significantly improve the result.
At the end of the treatment, the active ingredients should still leave a small trace. Then the excess active ingredient left on the skin surface should be gently removed with warm water.
4. Finishing care

5. Regime

On first use the spectacular firming effect lasts for around three to five days. To achieve a lasting result, a beauty regime of six to ten treatments every two to three days is recommended.