What is Mesoporation?
Mesoporation is an extensively documented method that is based on the Nobel prize for chemistry (electroporation). It is currently the most innovative and effective method in the field of aesthetic cosmetics for applying active ingredients to the deeper layers of skin, without damaging them in the process. As simple as it is ingenious – the amazing results can usually be seen and felt after just one treatment, which is particularly impressive due to its long-lasting effects.
How does Mesoporation work?
During Mesoporation, a mild electric field is generated on the surface of the skin which opens additional moisture channels. The special feature here is that the opening allows the active ingredients to infiltrate in a higher dosage and a high molecular concentration. Mesoporation is a non-invasive procedure that enables this kind of application – without damaging the skin with needles.
Why are instruments required for the treatment?
The larger active ingredient molecules would not be able to penetrate the stratum corneum without the help of instruments. This procedure makes it possible to break through this layer, which means that the active ingredients are applied at up to 400 times their usual strength. These findings make it clear just what an important role the combination of instrument-based procedures, innovative active ingredients, and care products plays when it comes to performing a professional and effective treatment.
How long does the ‘Lifting @ Home Effect’ last?
The effects of a one-time treatment usually last for a couple of days. Sometimes it may be more than a week. If you receive the treatment on a regular basis, the effect stabilizes faster and, if used often enough, can lead to a long-term lifting effect. This can take anywhere between several months and half a year depending on age and skin condition. It is advisable to repeat the procedure every two to four weeks in order to maintain the positive results.
How much time should I set aside for a single application?
That depends on the area being treated. You should plan for between five and ten minutes for each region.
Every person’s skin is different, how do I know which skin type I am and how much time I will need?
Your skin type plays a secondary role with this form of treatment. During the treatment, your skin will tell you whether it has received enough active ingredients or whether it requires more. As soon as the skin has absorbed sufficient moisture it will feel firm and saturated. However, too much moisture in this form has never done anybody any harm – quite the opposite!
What can you feel during the application, is it painless?
Yes, absolutely painless! This method works by way of an electric field. You feel a light, pleasantly relaxing tingling during the application. You regulate the intensity to the level that you personally find most pleasant.
Is it possible that I could sustain burns from this form of treatment?
No, not at all. An electric field is generated which can be controlled using an intensity regulator. The device always starts up on ‘zero’ for safety reasons. Furthermore, mesoliner is a brand-name product that is developed and produced in Germany and so fulfills the German standards of safety and quality. Made in Germany – for safe handling and German brand quality.
Can Mesoporation lead to long-term damage?
Mesoporation (electroporation) has been used in the medical field since 2003. Up until now, there has been no evidence to suggest that long-term application has any disadvantages.
Which instrument-based method is currently most effective?
Right now, Mesoporation is the best non-invasive procedure. That is why it is increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for renowned beauty clinics, specialist institutes, and in the field of anti-aging.
When is a good time to start this kind of treatment?
The sooner the better. The treatment is recommended as a preventive measure from the age of 25 onwards.
Is the treatment also suitable for men?
Yes, absolutely. An ever growing number of men are placing increasing importance on having a well looked after appearance. The times in which ‘rough’ or deep wrinkles were seen as a sign of masculinity are truly a thing of the past.
Is it true that Mesoporation is also used to treat hair loss?
Yes, Mesoporation is used by numerous dermatologists and hair centers as a treatment for hair loss.
Is it true that this method can make you look five to ten years younger?
When used consistently, the combination of the latest active ingredient technology, care products, and the instrument-based method (Mesoporation) can lead to extremely impressive results. Since the perception of one’s appearance is a very individual and personal thing, we don’t take statements made in terms of years too seriously, but prefer to let our customers make up their own minds.
What can I do to make the treatment more effective?
In order to achieve an optimal anti-aging effect, we recommend using specially developed care products. Moisture-providing active ingredients and cleaning the skin in a correct and careful manner are the best basis for this.
Can regular treatment reduce the need for cosmetic surgery?
It could be that the results of long-term treatment are so convincing that cosmetic surgery may be avoided, or a similar procedure could be put off for a number of years. But it goes without saying that this lies in eye of the beholder.
Is it true that Mesoporation is also used in beauty clinics?
That’s right. Mesoporation is becoming increasingly popular in reputable beauty clinics, where it often used as an alternative to Mesotherapy with needles. This type of application is also gaining popularity when used in combination with depot injections, in which wrinkles are treated individually. It is regularly offered as follow-up treatment to cosmetic surgery. This prolongs the results of the lifting for as long as possible.
Is Mesoporation limited to facial treatment?
No. In fact, the face, neck, and chest are some of the most popular areas for treatment. It is also possible to apply targeted treatment to the palms of the hands, pigment disorders, impure skin, or cellulite.
Are there any other well-known methods?
The most well-known, non-invasive, and minimally invasive methods are ultrasound/sonophoresis, iontophoresis/electroplating, Mesotherapy, and Mesoporation. How does the treatment with ultrasound/sonophoresis work?  Small pores are formed in the stratum corneum. These pores make it easier for small active ingredient molecules to enter the skin. However, since larger active ingredient modules tend to get caught in the stratum corneum, this method is fairly ineffective when it comes to infiltration. How does the treatment with iontophoresis/electroplating work? This method, which has been practiced for more than 20 years, uses charged patches to apply the active ingredients. This leads to a rejection reaction, which forces the patches and the active ingredients that they contain to pass through the pores in the skin at high speeds. The rate of penetration is significantly greater with this method than with ultrasonic treatment. However, these methods also generally only allow the small active ingredient molecules to pass through the stratum corneum. On the whole, this method is being replaced by Mesoporation for the reasons mentioned above. What is the difference between Mesoporation and Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy uses needle rollers or needle pistols to create a number of pores in the stratum corneum. In other words, the surface of the skin is perforated. The pores that have been generated also allow larger active ingredient molecules to pass through the stratum corneum. Nonetheless, the results of Mesotherapy and Mesoporation are very similar. Over the past few years, Mesoporation has become more popular, since the method of treatment is more gentle. In comparison to Mesotherapy, there is no risk of infection or possible side effects such as the formation of hematoma, heavy redness, or welts. Is it possible to achieve similar results with a wrinkle iron? No, although these ‘handbag devices’ look nice, they are often simply cheap ‘made in China’ devices, which become available on the German market at expensive prices as a result of cost-intensive marketing and distribution campaigns. It is true they also have an instant effect that you can see but the outdated methods (electroplating/iontophoresis) mean that long-term results cannot really be achieved. This means that there is very little effect on the skin aging process.
Which factors affect how long the results of the treatment last?
This depends on the genetic conditions and the lifestyle of the individual. If you don’t drink much, have an imbalanced diet, don’t do any sport, use few or no care products, still spend a lot of time in direct sunlight or the tanning salon, then you should not expect miracles. In the worst case scenario, the results will only last a few days to a week. In this case, one application should be performed per week.
Is it only possible to slow the skin aging process using care products?
No, the aging of the skin is a complex process, which cannot only be influenced by cosmetic products that simply have a positive effect on the surface. The reason for this is that most of the active ingredients also contain large molecules, which cannot penetrate the stratum corneum (horned membrane) without the use of instrument-based methods. This means that only the surface is affected but there is absolutely no impact on the skin aging process.
Is it true that cheap care products are just as effective as expensive brand-name products?
Only the smaller active ingredients can break through the stratum corneum, which mean that all care products – regardless of the price – predominantly affect the surface of the skin. Nevertheless, they do have an influence on the visual effect thanks to their care properties. However, there is usually a reason for the difference in price between these products. The latest active ingredients from the research laboratories are often limited to use in cheap, mass-produced products as a result of their high production costs and the fact that the ingredients are often only available in limited amounts. According to our experience, the effectiveness and compatibility of the more expensive products tends to be significantly better. A glance at the ingredients on the back of the packet will tell you about the concentration levels of a particular active ingredient. For example: Hyaluron is fourth on the list, which means that the product contains a significant amount of this ingredient. However, if this active ingredient is eighth on the list, a considerably smaller volume of this high-quality ingredient will have been used in the production process.

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