The innovation- made in Germany:

Natural Anti-Aging with the mesoliner™ by Ageless Cosmetics

A new era in beauty treatments for mini beauty miracles starts with the new mesoliner ®
Mesoporation, using the mesoliner ® is one of the most innovative and effective anti-ageing methods in the sector of dermaceutical and aesthetic cosmetics. This procedure was awarded with the Nobel prize in 2003 and is scientifically recognized.

Look younger instantly. Especially when it comes to do something about tired, stressed skin or to reduce the signs of ageing such as wrinkles or loss of skin elasticity or use it like a preventative treatment to delay the ageing process.

The ageless cosmetics mesoliner ® – our mini device made in Germany – generates an electric field through electrical impulses which opens moisture channels in the skin for fractions of a second.
This multiplies the skin’s absorption capacity. This allows up to 90% of the applied MESO CELLULAR active ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin. Exactly where they are needed. The critical difference is the infiltration of “high molecular” active ingredients into the deeper layers of skin which is now physically possible for the first time. The advantage of this self-treatment at home is having the flexibility to ‘smooth out’ your skin whenever and wherever you want.
The exclusive CELLULAR skincare range perfects your daily personal beauty program. Anti-Aging moments of truth- the transdermal system with a combination of skincare- for a sophisticated luxury beauty treatment.