Apple stem cells 

extracted from the “Uttwiler Spätlauber” an old and very rare Swiss apple variety. They are rich in tanning agents, which protect the skin’s own skin stem cells and preserves the skin’s youthfulness 


a synthetic hexapeptide relaxes the expression muscles, thus effectively easing visible lines. High-quality anti-aging active ingredient


increases moisture content and protects from UV-damage, heat, cold and immune cells


(Geranylgeranylpropanol) prevents repair cells from being broken down and protects skin cells from oxidative stress- what’s more the synthesis of collagen, decorin and hyaluron is stimulated

Japanese silk powder

leaves the skin supple, has a smoothing effect and evens out small wrinkles


is a connective tissue protein, it occurs in the skin and bones- giving a smoothing, firming and moisture penetrating effect at the same time


cares for and protects the cells and protects the skin’s barrier layer


are spherical arrays of molecules in a fluid – laden with active ingredients they are transported into the skin where they release these again bit by bit (depot effect)

Lupine extract

is a type of plant – it stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and smoothens out small wrinkles in the process


is a rice extract and can extend the life span of skin cells – also has both a regenerative and protective effect.


has an effect similar to that of botox and thus smoothens expression lines


are proteins, they have a stimulating effect on collagen synthesis, contribute to muscular relaxation and provide hydration


an element of the skin’s own hydrolipidic film. It contains lipids and iodine and leaves the skin feeling nice and silky


stimulate the generation of new collagen fibers, link them and protect them from breaking down. Lift facial contours and have a firming effect

White lupine

a Mediterranean plant – rich in proteins and sugars, improves the stratum corneum structure, stabilizes the skin’s natural barrier and protects against moisture loss

Hyaluronic acid

is a high-molecular substance which fills up the space between the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This allows for the creation of a natural protective barrier which gives the skin its natural elasticity back.