Meso Cellular
MESO CELLULAR Hyaluron-Gatuline
High-molecular hyaluron in maximum concentration is a real moisture kick for demanding and mature skin. The synergetic interaction of paracress/gatuline supports a muscle-relaxing effect and, if used regularly, can contribute to a noticeable reduction in expression lines. This multi-talented product noticeably counteracts the signs of skin aging. Your complexion looks fuller, fresher and younger.

MESO CELLULAR Hydrobooster
Multifunctional active ingredient complex made from squalane and quality lecithin supports the synergetic effect of quality antioxidants like vitamin E in the defense against free radicals. The intensive moisturizer can support the long-term hydro-balance of the skin cells. This gives your complexion a considerably more even, fresh and firm appearance.

MESO CELLULAR Powerbooster
A “power building complex” targeted at the core of beauty: the cell. Liposome-encapsulated vitamins protect the skin from harmful free radicals. What is more, the special active ingredients raise moisture content to a maximum, thereby boosting energy levels manifold. The Powerbooster is recommended for use as an “instant freshness kick”, before special occasions in particular. Thanks to its quickly noticeable “instant effect”, any traces of stress and lifestyle sin can disappear in a matter of minutes. You will be impressed with the result. Don’t be surprised at the compliments which follow at that oh-so important special occasion.

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